MAY 17

10h00 – Registration
10h45 Welcome and Introduction
Maria Helena Maia, Alexandra Cardoso and Joana Cunha Leal Our Project: The “Popular Architecture in Portugal”. A Critical Look. Intercalar results of a research project
Joana Cunha Leal, Maria Helena Maia and Alexandra Cardoso Pedro Vieira de Almeida and the Survey
11h40 Coffee break
12h00 – Session 1 – chair: Carlo Atzeni
Michelangelo SabatinoRustic versus Rural: The Vernacular Architecture Exhibition as Survey of the Many Faces of Italian Modernism
Concepción Diez-Pastor Architectural Koinè: Architectural Culture and the Vernacular in 20th Century Spain.
Julian Garcia Muñoz –Houses and Temples. A useful survey.
13h20 – Lunch
14h30 – Session 2 – chair: Remi Papillault
Madalena Cunha Matos – Activism and agendas. Rural housing in Portugal from the 1930’s to the 1950’s as seen by architects and agronomers
Cecilia Rodrigues dos Santos, Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima and Ruth Verde Zein – A Modern Perspective on Vernacular Culture: Lucio Costa’s strategies in Parque Guinle residential complex, Rio de Janeiro (1948-1954).
Luís Urbano – Between here and there. Rural and urban space as national identity in 1960’s Portugal.
Tiago Lopes Dias – A Critical Interpretation of The Portuguese Survey in the Early Sixties: Nuno Portas and Pedro Vieira de Almeida
15h50 – Coffee break
16h00 – Session 3 – chair: Joana Cunha Leal
Eduardo Fernandes – Signs of the “Survey” influence in the CODA projects presented in EBAP
Ricardo Agarez – Vernacular, conservative, modernist: the uncomfortable ‘Zone 6’ (Algarve) of the Portuguese folk architecture survey (1955-1961)
Catherine Dimitsantou-Kremesi and Teresa Marat-Mendes – Issues on architectural surveys. The ‘Inquérito à Arquitectura Regional Portuguesa’
17h20 – Coffee break
17h30 – Session 4 – Chair: Ana Lidia Virtudes
Meltem Özkan Altinöz – Review on Vernacular Architecture of Safranbolu Houses and Their Social and Spatial Reflection over the 20th Century Architectural Culture, Turkey
João Santa Rita – Building with the Climate in Popular Architecture in Portugal: critical reading of the “Survey on Regional Portuguese Architecture”
Yenny Gunawan – Undagi’s Sustainable Architecture
19h30 – Cocktail

MAY 18

10h00 – Ana Tostões – The Survey as a knowledge process, the research as a critic tool
10h30 – Session 5 Chair: Miguel Silva Graça
Antoni Remesar and Salvador Garcia Fortes – From the ordinances to the Project for a City. The importance of the “survey” on common architecture in the Eixample Project (Barcelona)
Gerhard Bosman – Local Building Cultures and Perceptions of Wall Building Materials: Influences on vernacular architecture in rural areas of central South Africa
Plácido Lizancos Mora and Evaristo Zas Gómez – Lessons From Two (Contemporary) Wide Surveys on Vernacular Architecture and Traditional Settlements in Galicia and Asturias (Spain).
Victor Mestre – The Decline and Contaminations of Post-Survey Architecture in Architecture Without Architects (1955-1985)
11h40 Coffee break
12h00 – Session 6 – Chair: Alexandra Ai Quintas>
Mariann Simon – Specific Architecture Rooted in the Country. Survey on regional architecture and tourism development
Paula André – Surveys, travels and disclosure of vernacular architecture in the Portuguese and European context
Marcos Anselmo – Africa’s Vernacular Architecture. The Primitive in the 1960/70’s Architectural Production
13h20 – Lunch
14h30 – Session 7 – Chair: Concepcion Diez Pastor
Remi Papillault – Vernacular Identity in the Brutalist School of Toulouse, 1950-1970
Ruben Alcolea and Aitor Acilu – From Sea to Stone. Cradle of Avant-garde
Nelson Mota – The Vernacular in Dubrovnik, 1956: Fetishism or Commitment?
15h50 – Coffee break
16h00 – Session 8 – Chair: José Luís Guimarães
António Neves – The Second Modern Generation and the Survey on Regional Architecture. Some notes based on projects of Arménio Losa and Cassiano Barbosa
Manuel Ferrer, Roger Miralles, Juan Fernando Rodenas, Ramon Faura, Jofre Roca, Gerard Fortuny and Gillermo Zuaznabar – Poblenou del Delta (Villafranco del Delta), 1947: the vernacular in the new agricultural settlements of the INC (Spain)
César Machado Moreira – The HICA Central Workers Quarters
17h20 – Coffee break
17h30 – Session 9 – Chair: Maria Helena Barreiros
Teresa Ferreira Alfredo de Andrade’s (1838-1915) surveys on vernacular architecture across Italy and Portugal.
Rosaleen Crushell – The Irish Sessions House. A Survey of a standard plan in Munster
Maria Philokyprou and Elena Limbouri-Kozakou – The role of the central courtyard. Surveys in the vernacular architecture of Cyprus.
20h00 – Dinner

MAY 19

10h00 – Carlo Atzeni – Sardinia’s historic districts Renovation Manuals
10h30 – Coffee break
10h40 – Session 10 – Chair: Mariann Simon
Vítor Ribeiro, José Aguiar and Miguel Reimão Costa – From the Survey on Regional Architecture in Portugal to the local applied research: the experience of GTAA Sotavento in the built vernacular heritage studies.
Elena Limbouri-Kozakou and Maria Philokyprou The significance of surveys in the preservation and restoration of the vernacular architecture. The case of Cyprus.
Ana Lídia Virtudes and Filipa AlmeidaThe Territory of “Avieiras” Stilt-House Villages in the Survey on Vernacular Architecture: what does the future hold?
12h00 – Coffee break
12h10 – Closing Session
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